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Simplify Wealth.

Investing & Financial Planning for Business Owners

Making sound decisions on investing, retirement, and lowering taxes for your family is a priority. But, as a business owner, the best use of your time is growing and running your business.

How much time do you currently spend on building & preserving your net worth?

What if I could give you that time back?

I help business owners in the following areas so you can concentrate on what you do best-run your business:

Retirement Planning

Actively building your vision of retirement.

Tax Planning

Working with your tax preparer, we'll identify, model and implement tax saving strategies, so you keep more of what you earn.

Risk Management

Identify gaps in your existing insurance strategies to plan for major life events...

Investment Management

Tap into our investment team's 100+ years of combined investment management experience to help maximize returns while keeping risk in check.

Estate Planning

We work with your legal advisor to ensure your business and assets efficiently transfer to your heirs with minimal taxes and legal issues.

Making Work Optional - Case Study

This case study may not be representative of other clients. There is no assurance your experience will be similar, and no assurance of financial success.


A married couple in their early fifties own a growing and thriving business.

The demands of managing the business have left them little time to organize their financial affairs for their approaching senior years. They still enjoy their work, and have no plans to retire in the traditional sense. However, they would like working to become an option rather than a necessity. Also they want to be prepared in case changes in the economy or their health force them to sell their business or retire unexpectedly. They had made investments with a broker in the past, but they never devoted the necessary energy to developing clear goals and strategies for optimizing their assets and minimizing their tax liabilities.

Now, they want to make sure that they are making the smartest possible decisions on investing their rapidly growing income.


We provided this business-owning couple with the help they needed to reach their goals:

  • Guided them through the EEFG four-step financial planning process.
  • Evaluated their current investments, explained their holdings in detail, and described how they could reduce risk while increasing potential returns.
  • Designed and implemented a qualified retirement plan for their business that allowed them to save over $50,000 per year in taxes.
  • Reviewed their tax returns and identified strategies that could help them save thousands of dollars in taxes over the coming years.
  • Laid out a road map to reaching financial independence, with a step-by-step plan for them to follow.


Going forward, Ernie actively works with the clients’ CPA and estate attorney to monitor and make adjustments to their plan. Annual meetings and quarterly reviews are scheduled to evaluate possible business opportunities and current financial status.

End Result

This husband-and-wife team can sleep easier knowing that their financial future is secure. They can now concentrate on what they do best - growing their business.

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