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Connecting your business to your personal financial planning

NO business owner wants to  plan for or, even discuss the exit from their business.  However, EVERY OWNER exits their business whether it's properly planned or from one of the 4 D's (Death, Divorce, Disablement, or Disputes with partners).  Exit planning is the process of addressing all of these BEFORE they occur.  Whether you're planning to exit or sell your business immediately, or 20 years from now, this is planning that should be done, regardless of your timeline.  And, no, you're not too busy.

How much time do you spend worrying about the above possibilities??

What if I could help alleviate those concerns AND increase the value of your business??

As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor©, I quarterback your team of other advisors to consult & coach you through the below process:

Identify Value, Path, & Timeline

  • We create an honest assessment of your business value, whether it's sellable, value & financial drivers.
  • Explore & determine your preferred exit path(s).

Evaluate Income & Wealth

  • Identify the gap in your business value vs. its potential value.
  • Identify the gap in your retirement income needs vs. the income from your business and non-business assets.
  • Create a formal retirement needs analysis.

Design Roadmap

  • We create a roadmap outlining the timeline to address all business planning.
  • Throughout the process, we coordinate & collaborate with your existing trusted advisory team (CPA, attorneys) to make sure you're prepared on all fronts.


We implement the plan beginning with your most pressing needs and transform your business to reach its potential value.  (Business protection, key-employee retention, retirement plans, value building). 

Monitor the Plan

Lastly, we'll monitor the roadmap & plan, making any necessary and inevitable adjustments along the way.

Ready to Talk?